I am not one to post music on my journal but perhaps this may change.

After a long banal day at the Institute, I dragged my limbs home impatiently to read the reports that were madly scribbled by a close friend’s journey through hypserspace. I then decided to break out a couple of brews, switch off the lights, put on Ebi and imagine what it would be like to have such profound and prolific visions. There is no questioning of my hopes to be able to turn away from the mundane humdrum and journey through the “cascades” in search of The Equilibrium. All I have for now are my friend’s reports , paintings and a cloudy memory of A Voyage toArcturus to fuel the imagery as I listen to Ebi in the dark.

This is my homage to both Susuma Yokota and intrepid psychonauts.

Laks Indrakaran – Somerville, MA

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