The experience of an ‘inner guiding voice’ is common to
all spiritual traditions, and was termed by Eileen ‘the still
small voice within’.

The Gentleman and The Faun – R. Ogilvie Crombie

I have held the naive belief that by memorizing the ancients we allow for the voices of our ancestors and possibly even the voices of other entities become heard.

I recall my teacher writing to me, after I had lamented not having memorized almost any of the classical texts before my early twenties: “Well you found someone to force you to memorise the Yi at least before you were decrepit… “. Ten years later and I don’t doubt that I definitely need to reinforce my memory. Ten years later and I can just about feel the voice of the Yi.

The voice of Kungzi, Laozi, Linji, Zhuangzi, Ippen, Ryokan, Astavakra, Franklin, Spare, Gaudapada, Nagarjuna, Meher, Nisargadatta, Ramana, Ribhu, Siddharameshwar, and the many other, sometimes anonymous..sometimes cryptic wayfaring Masts, hermits or apocalyptic Faerie’s…. all of which remain collecting dust on my shelves.

How many ancestors will it take for the voice to manifest?

Laks Indrakaran

Somerville, MA

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