A memory came to me this morning A memory of sitting on a bench silently with a good old friend on a summers night in Walthamstow, watching a fox rummage Now I stand alone under an autumnal tree shedding its florescent yellow leaves in the rain, watching a slug I am reminded of a lesson […]


On the bottom of my left foot there is a scar from a leech bite On the top, a scar of a spider bite…and another leech bite On the front, scuffed crumpled toes from wearing boots On the left side, swelling from a poorly healed broken bone On the right side, the drooping arches of […]


In the past year, even though I still chant the Nembustsu, I still don’t really know if this a fools errand. I will continue knocking on the door to the empty hut with dark windows Namu Amituofo. Laks Indrakaran – Somerville