So….It Has Come To This

How has it come to this?

A friend rightly pointed out, of the many things that has come to light, the most obvious is that the entire world hasn’t got any form reliable leadership. Not even leaders, who are rightfully chastising other leaders, have demonstrated competency themselves.

This is painfully evident in all of mankind’s “valiant” efforts in dealing with climate change. Hundreds and thousands of species, if not on the verge of extinction, have vanished.

Now the earth has given us a dose of extinction………again.

In the past year, I have not written much as I’ve been caught up in dealing with personal hangups which now seem mostly irrelevant.

In other words, I will come back to writing and occasionally painting as I am pent up in my tiny cell in Somerville.

Laks Indrakaran – Somerville, MA

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