Empire and the Fool

Rhyd Wildermuth

“Oh fuck,” my sister texted me last night.

“What’s wrong?” I texted back. She’s been visiting America with her family, had her return flight to Luxembourg delayed because of COVID-19 tests now required to enter The Netherlands from the US, where her return flight is routed. I worried she’d been positive.

“Trump supporters in DC,” she texted back.

So I did a search through my usual news sources, all European, none of which had any news on it. That’s something you learn pretty quickly living in Europe after the US: the news services here don’t have the same urgency about America that Americans would assume they would.

I found nothing, then reluctantly pulled up American sites and started laughing. And just then my best friend, who is an emergency services manager in DC, texted me. His text seemed serious, but I could also hear his amusement behind the words.


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