This is largely an endeavor to stay off social media and the internet as much as possible. I decided to set up this simple blog as a way of keeping myself on the internet without having to subscribe to all sorts distracting means of modern communication yet within reach of all who I consider my dear friends that I met during my 8-9 years of residing in London, United Kingdom.

The title The Uncertain is simply because I am truly in a position of uncertainty and this offers a chance to reflect and write about the situations and lessons that unfold from here on. My flight to leave the United Kingdom permanently, is on the 3rd of January, 2017 and am uncertain if I’ll ever return or where I will be residing on a permanent basis. Regardless of where I end up, I do invite you all to visit me and if I have the space Ill be willing to accommodate all of you whom I have met.

If you are interested in my musing about my interests in relation to the situations I find myself in or my drunken rants, then please do visit here when you find the time and feel free to comment or share your views. I am hoping to be able to stay in touch with you all and it is, as I have said to you all on several occasions in my last two months, a great sense of loss in having to be apart from you all.

I highly encourage my friends to get a Protonmail.ch email account through which we could communicate with end-to-end encryption and avoiding surveillance. I can be reached on laksi@ theuncertain.net.

Laks Indrakaran

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