The experience of an ‘inner guiding voice’ is common to all spiritual traditions, and was termed by Eileen ‘the still small voice within’. The Gentleman and The Faun – R. Ogilvie Crombie I have held the naive belief that by memorizing the ancients we allow for the voices of our ancestors and possibly even the […]


there is only the ship, we’re in it An envoy of hyperspace Dedicated to the travellers by a home dweller. The home dweller that hasn’t got a ship. The home dweller that cannot see past the front door. The home dweller that sits by a beautiful dust covered gilded window, dust covered varnished window, only […]


The life of an artist is inspired, self-sufficient and independent. – Advice to Young Artists- Unpublished manuscript deposited at the Institute of Contemporary Art.  A little tribute to Agnes Martin whom I have gained great admiration for when a friend told me about her no more than a month ago. I particularly found the […]


Narrated by a depressive and socially isolated protagonist, Michel Houellebecq’s first novel Whatever traces the disaggregating effects of post-Fordism on the intimate spaces of human affect. Set in the burgeoning information technology industry of the mid-1990s among a hitherto literarily neglected social group of middle managers (cadres), the novel suggests that the cultural project of […]


I am not one to post music on my journal but perhaps this may change. After a long banal day at the Institute, I dragged my limbs home impatiently to read the reports that were madly scribbled by a close friend’s journey through hypserspace. I then decided to break out a couple of brews, switch […]


The Vedas, Shastras and Puranas all give definitive explanations about what is True, but still, realization of one’s True Nature does not take place – Chapter 7 Sub-Chapter 10 – Dasbodh When I first moved to Somerville in October 2018, I met my house mate who was a visiting Sorbonne educated Economist from Galicia. He […]


There are several texts that I would like to read but I am surprised these have not been translated in to English. Having read many texts in translation I am aware of the difficulty and that one cannot truly approach a text in translation, however, should these be accessible, I believe some progress can be […]