The rabbits under the shed ate my plants. I’ve had too much wine. Listening to nostalgic records as my garden is nibbled away. I wish I was there and then. Laks Indrakaran Arlington, MA

12th of the 12th

How many days, weeks and months has it been? A few days, weeks or months ago, I took pleasure in watching chipmunks, squirrels, cardinals and god knows what other winged creatures feed from the seeds I left them. Now, it’s just me wiping the dust of the surfaces. Laks Arlington, MA


Last night, I killed a moth. I had barely seen another person all day. I sat in the garden after work with a bowl of lentil soup and read Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket, cover to cover. I came in at sunset and decided to watch Dr. Strangelove again. A moth fluttered about the […]

So….It Has Come To This

How has it come to this? A friend rightly pointed out, of the many things that has come to light, the most obvious is that the entire world hasn’t got any form reliable leadership. Not even leaders, who are rightfully chastising other leaders, have demonstrated competency themselves. This is painfully evident in all of mankind’s […]


A memory came to me this morning A memory of sitting on a bench silently with a good old friend on a summers night in Walthamstow, watching a fox rummage Now I stand alone under an autumnal tree shedding its florescent yellow leaves in the rain, watching a slug I am reminded of a lesson […]


On the bottom of my left foot there is a scar from a leech bite On the top, a scar of a spider bite…and another leech bite On the front, scuffed crumpled toes from wearing boots On the left side, swelling from a poorly healed broken bone On the right side, the drooping arches of […]


I stood under a tree tonight, watching the cigarette smoke take the shape of the cool breeze that is gently rustling the leaves. What will this life amount to? The same thought seeps through as I leaf through pages. The same thought circles as I lay awake in bed, hearing every tick of the clock. […]